Nowadays, the gambling industry becomes one of the most profitable industries in the world, the net worth of UK gambling industry is 7.1 billion. Unfortunately, without knowledge, skills and deep analysis people most likely will end up losing money in the long term in the battle against sports betting companies, who work to leave you without any odds at all by using statistical programs and psychological tools.

The team of Betincome is formed of 17 individual analyst and professional sports betting experts, each one of them having been in the industry for at least four years. They are making the analyzation of data that provided by their area departments from different regions. Over the long years, we have been testing several methods, approaches and strategies.

Recently, we have developed a compelling algorithm software that assists our tipster team by gathering the most valuable data. With our help, you are assured to get a consistent income and avoid the risks associated with trying to make money from the comfort of your sofa.